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At this very moment, millions of people are connecting through online social networks. Yet, disconnects in relationships – business and personal – exist. Many feel lost in how to communicate, collaborate, and manage relationships, especially at work, where performance is measured. That’s where we come in …


Dr. Rita’s keynotes have been delivered to audiences around the world. Her keynotes include: ‘Navigating Generational Minefields’ ‘Leading From Where You Are’, ‘EQ and the High Cost of Avoidance’ and more…


Our dynamic consulting services help to identify and address business challenges that are impacting leadership development and business growth. Our tools include Assessments, Strategic Sessions, Retreats, Mentoring and Coaching.

Leadership Development

Leaders, the world over, are waking up to VUCA – the ever-expanding breadth of global competition, accelerating pace of change, mind-numbing complexity, and increasing instability of our global business environment.

Smart, Agile, Imaginative

Rita has a unique talent for delivering high-energy, educational and entertaining programs filled with brilliant insights that will improve your relationship skills forever. She has a particular gift for explaining the different perspectives of each generation and personality types to create a bridge of understanding towards healthier business relationships and ultimately a stronger bottom line.

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