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Tools and models from the field of organization development are used and applied strategically and practically to yield benefits that will enhance the people, processes and products of your business.

Expert with a variety of group processes and psychological assessments, PC has earned a reputation for engaging, high impact organization development consulting and presentation events.

Various team-based, strengths and individual psychological assessments can be completed confidentially and anonymously by each participant online before the event begins.

Needs Assessment

Different employees are motivated by different tasks, values, organizational cultures, and respond to different kinds of rewards and incentives. Understanding these differences can help to improve your chances of retaining your employees and finding the best fit between an individual and an organization.

Custom Design

Leaders and teams need insights into their own cognitive preferences and interpersonal needs and styles. Self-awareness through enhanced emotional intelligence is an important first step in exercising leadership strengths, demonstrating effective teamwork skills, and identifying blind spots.


Our SkillsOne assessment site ensures quick web access and ease of completion 24/7.

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